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Kaci Christian is the founder of The WE Conference™, an organization uniting and educating women with a mission to inspire, support and facilitate wellness expansion and women's empowerment programs. As part of her health and wellness advocacy, Kaci and her husband developed The WE Juice for Joy Experience, a two-week course in mindfulness offered quarterly in a virtual classroom accessed via telephone.


An award-winning former television news anchor and investigative reporter, Kaci has been seen on CNN and on local CBS, ABC and FOX TV affiliates throughout the United States. Prior to working in television, she was a well-known voice on Los Angeles radio stations including KFI 640 AM, KNX 1070 AM, KFWB 980 AM and KRLA 870 AM. A long-time vegan and advocate for compassion for all living beings, she has provided a powerful voice for the voiceless, sharing stories that educate, motivate and inspire.
Kaci has many projects, including a work-in-progress memoir chronicling her journey of self-discovery from the world of TV news to traveling on her own in the rugged Himalayan region of Nepal. With The Silent Project, her spiritual journey continues...
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