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Why The Silent Project?


In August 2013, I suddenly became present to a fully-developed concept that had been downloaded into my awareness. An invitation being presented to me by the Universe. It was not something that I had thought about or pondered or deliberately and intellectually created. Instead, it was something I recognized as a request and an opportunity to learn to listen differently. I reflected that I would benefit from improving my listening skills.


I confess that I have not always been a very good listener. Maybe you can relate. You see, when I’m talking, I’m not listening. And when I’m not talking and I’m supposed to be listening, a lot of the time I’m not really listening. Instead, I’m busy thinking about what I’m going to say next or I’ve checked out, thinking about something else, or I’m distracted.


To my surprise, I found myself recognizing that this was an opportunity that could transform my life, and so I decided to say “yes” and embark on the journey. Once I accepted the opportunity to learn to listen differently, I became present to another request: to consider facilitating my listening differently by not speaking for one year. For those who know how much I enjoy storytelling, educating and motivating, the idea that I wouldn't speak for a year was shocking. And the truth is, I've never done anything like this before and have no idea what it will be like. But again I chose "yes." As the year unfolds, we'll see how it goes. I invite you to follow my blog, and when you're inspired to do so, please share your comments, insights and encouragement. Thank you for holding space for me to experience this journey and to become not only a better listener, but also a more compassionate, patient and loving person. Whether you agree or can relate to what I will share in these pages, thank you for loving me and accepting my limitations, flaws and weaknesses. They are what make me imperfect and they are also what make me human.

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